Where the sun always shines! (Well it did last Monday…)

This isn’t going to be a travelogue, well it may be a bit, but I just want to put on record to my enormous following who hang on my every word, that Tenby is one of the hidden delights of our fair land.

Jamie-300WAttached is a fab photo of my son cavorting in the briny.

After a drive from hell which lasted five hours in the pissing rain from beginning to end, with only two stops for Costa and various biscuits, including shortbread and those waffle things which are sticky in the middle, we arrived at the sort of seaside hotel that reminds everyone of past seaside holidays. I gratefully took a couple of glasses of wine, uttering the sort of ‘it doesn’t get any better than this’ kind of remark. we walked for five minutes, and took to the mean streets of Tenby.

And how lovely it was – I have never seen beaches like it, and the town was buzzing with an innocent gift shops/sweetie emporiums/ cosy restaurants kind of atmosphere. We settled on a pub that would serve the boys’ taste in evening fare – chips mainly, and prepared to enjoy. Five minutes later I was outside for fresh air, ten minutes later I had collapsed and woken up with a crowd around me. If I ever had any doubts about Cathy’s love they were dispelled at that moment. She held my head and hugged me in the emerging rain as we waited for a paramedic to arrive. He was wonderful. The pub’s strong arms were wonderful in spite of the fact that I told them they must be used to knocking people down instead of picking them up. And the police were wonderful. (Didn’t I cause a stir?) And the ambulance guys were wonderful as they drove me to the truly wonderful Haverford west Hospital. Result? I’m ok. Loads of blood tests (negative.) Wired for sound all over the place (negative.)

Back to the hotel by taxi – a sadder but wiser man.

Next day, and here comes the travelogue bit, sheer delight visiting the locale as if nothing had happened, a boat trip to an island where monks make chocolate (wise monks) and sing chants. My little man made a sandcastle and swum in the sea. I sat there thinking how wonderful…

Tenby. Go there. It’s lovely. Just don’t keel over outside the pub…