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Robert Duncan grumbles about not having enough to do. That’s when he’s not grumbling about having too much to do…

After more weeks than I can remember churning out mini speed drawing films to the extent I was nearly drawing at the speed they ended up at, I now find myself with very little to do.

Ok, I have a conference to prepare for – one of these events when I turn up and draw as many single frame gags about the subject of the day as I can…and ok, I’m cartooning in front of loads of kids at my son’s school tomorrow..well ok, I’m due to finish off some cartoons for my Heathrow parking client – a weekly event that goes out to a million lucky recipients… er, ok, I’m under orders from the lovely Cathy to finish the poster for the school wild west Barbecue (where I drew a horse bucking because I was told they were having a Bucking (with a B) Bronco and it now turns out it’s a bull) and I’ve got to start writing these blogs on a three times a week basis or someone called Tony will get shirty… and… wait a minute, I’d better get on, instead of wasting time on this stuff…


Read the Further Adventures of a Working Cartoonist in the next exciting episode.

Or start to read Lindsey Davis’ Falco novels, set in Rome about AD73. They are funny, fine and perfect.

Hugs R