A children’s story by Storysmith…

Snow God talks to penguinNow as all children know, the Snow God lives just round the corner from wherever you happen to be. And that’s why you never see him. In his more playful moods he will drop snow off a roof as you are passing by, or form some snow into such a tempting lump that you can’t help picking it up and throwing it at somebody. In his more serious moods he plays snowy tricks on adults so they can’t get out of their houses and get at best angry about it and at worst slip over in it. But here’s the thing. He always makes sure that the children love it and are excited by it – and secretly smile when the adults get cross. That’s when the Snow God knows he’s got it right.

But it has not always been the same. Millions of years ago when he was just a young god he played wonderful and terrible tricks with his chilly invention. The most famous one was when he was at a party with some penguins, and made a bet with one of them. ‘I bet you can’t roll this snowball more than a mile.’

He said ‘This snowball? Bet I can…’

So it was arranged. The Snow God went a mile away and settled down to wait for the penguin.

Now penguins don’t like to appear fools, so this one made an arrangement with some friends to pop out at various intervals on the way to the Snow God and help to push.

Halfway there, with about twenty penguins pushing, they were convinced that the snowball was getting bigger. Three-quarters of the way there they knew this to be true because it was taking about thirty of the little chaps to even move it.

Penguins caught in giant snowballNow the end of the mile where the Snow God was waiting happened to be at the bottom of a steep hill and as the snowball appeared, now being pushed by two hundred penguins, he saw to his horror that they had panicked as the snowball began to roll down the hill, and had all run round to the front to try to stop it.

But it was no good. The mighty snowball bounced down the hill getting bigger and bigger, and collecting many more penguins on its way. As the Snow God leapt out of the way the gigantic snowball roared past him and didn’t stop for three days, by which time it had collected millions more penguins. Finally at the bottom of the world it did one more mighty bounce and ended up on the Antarctic.

It’s still there today…