Now your PowerPoint presentations won’t be boring at all.
Ok, maybe just a bit…

HandI’ve been sitting under photo flood lights so much lately that I’m surprised I’m not getting a tan. The reason I am there is because I have been producing Speed Drawing cartoon films, under videographer Alan Fenemore’s prying camera, for about three years now. Each film last two or three minutes and features my hand drawing about a dozen or so wise and witty cartoons that Alan makes go faster to fit in exactly with our previously recorded soundtrack. Regular readers of this award winning blog series (I often award myself a glass of wine for my troubles) will know that it’s hard to shut me up on this subject, but suffice to say you can see lots of samples on

Now here’s the thing – I had an epiphany (it must have been something I ate) and realised these cartoons could be done as singles, and could breathe life into boring PowerPoint presentations. The client sorts out the scenario with me, and I simply draw the resulting cartoon on camera, and freeze the final frame of the completed cartoon for the speaker or presenter to change at the click of the clicky thing.

No soundtracks to worry about. Minimal editing. All presented to the client in the format of their choice to insert into their programme.

This is how it works: I talk to the client and we sort out how many cartoons are needed. (I have done plenty of single frame drawings for presentations in the past, but never actually showing the process of them being drawn.) I do visuals and the content is decided. I then draw them under Alan’s camera and… job done.

If the cartoon is mono, and not ridiculously complicated, the first would cost a mere £250. Subsequent ones are £125 each.

So for a small budget you can breathe life into your speech, keep everyone awake and maybe even smiling, and go home with praise still ringing in your ears.

Think how jealous the next speaker would be…

Here’s a link to a slightly embarrassing little film I made to promote this exciting development, that could be the most fantastic advance since the launch of the lectern.