A handy extra brain when you need it…


For more years than I care to remember, I have been adding occasional creative ideas and copy platforms to a handful of agencies who are working on a pitch or presentation, and want a different slant to their creative approach. All very hush hush – the last thing an agency wants is someone going around saying ‘That was my idea in the first place’ or saying ‘I did that’ when a nice ad turns up.  So now I have decided to formalise this shady and confidential service.

As I get older the idea of sitting there and turning out scribbled visuals in my light and experienced hand appeals to me. So – give it a name and a logo. An apple core with a single seed (the idea) deeply embedded in it. Call it Core Ideas.

My history and a large amount of my peculiar living has been looking at fresh products or services for the first time, and getting excited about producing new and different approaches to getting them to market, memorably and uniquely.

So there you are – a bunch of ideas and copy, stripped down to the bare bones – a sheaf of thumbnail sketches, words, arrows, thoughts, cross references – so you can say ‘Actually that’s fun. That would be good. That would work. Let’s try that.’

Core Ideas. A folder of original scribbles and ideas for £400 + vat. That’s the deal.

See the video. It says much the same thing, but in a more visual way.