Makes Ben Hur look like a B movie…

Regular followers of my bon mots will know that I have occasionally waxed lyrical about my conference cartoons. For the uninitiated, this is where I’m invited to a conference, and sit there listening to all the speeches and making up wise and witty gags about them. These end up on screen instantly, to take people away from the horrors of PowerPoint, or underline some point some bloke is making.

So I thought I’d make a film about it – and here it is! Loads of superb content left on the cutting room floor, hundreds of extras furious because they didn’t make the final edit, red carpets ordered for the premiere.

Just three minutes actually – to convince you that this is the way to go to save your conference. Drop me into the mix and the recipe will be perfect! (I wonder if anyone else has ever said that…)

Go to and follow the “link to Conference cartoons on the home page, or email me anytime on and I’ll tell you all about it and send you copious examples of past triumphs.

But not at this precise moment, because I’m on a plane heading for our pad in Spain with my darling family.

Download the outline of my conference cartoon service