Jiminy Cricket got it right all those years ago…

Jiminy Cricket

Jiminy Cricket

When that little chap sang “Give a little whistle, and always let your conscience be your guide…” the part that people remember is the ‘Give a little whistle’ bit. But I put it to you your honour, isn’t the conscience line a lot more telling? And while I am digging deep deep into the limitless depths of my brain, I have this earth shattering bombshell to share with you – the world can be a terrible place. Wow. Impressed?

For every genius making films about little wooden boys, or much later, blow-up robots who are medical experts (Big Hero 6 if you’re wondering) there is a bunch of ignorant clowns whose only ambition when they get up in the morning is to blow something up, or behead somebody, or scare the shit out of everyone generally.

Imagine the difference between the waking thoughts of, say, the Big Hero 6 chief animator, and that of the murderer. No contest.

If all children were asked to consider not exactly what to do and not to do, and to consider how the other person will feel if you minimise him or her in the playground, or get a crude excitement out of getting someone else into trouble – but just simply to consider in themselves whether they should be doing this or not – that’s the conscience kicking in.

Being unselfish is a difficult nut to crack, and hopefully that comes with experience, a feeling for others, and good education from a person the little type looks up to. But a conscience seems to be built in, and easier to tap than the selfishness angle. So if these young guys take notice of what their conscience is whispering to them – don’t be nasty to him, he’s not as lucky as you are/be kind to her, because she may not be as pretty as you – they will be listening to a very powerful force, that could actually save the world. Your conscience is telling you not to do that, go there, say that – so listen.

Give a little whistle if you must, but more importantly, always let your conscience be your guide.

And that line was written way before I was born…